The French & Italian Riviera by Yacht

Written by Y.CO

Stunning scenery and an unmatched scene summarize the French and Italian Rivieras. There are few places that are as synonymous with the allure of yachting as the stretch between St. Tropez and Portovenere. This is yachting’s favourite playground: where the world’s elite summer in style.

Yacht charter with Y.CO opens the door into the extraordinary. Discover incredible destinations in ultimate privacy and comfort. Experience the highest levels of bespoke service, from a crew who knows your every preference, dedicated to exceeding your expectations at every opportunity. See new destinations every day. Enjoy your own playground on the water. Learn watersports with the yacht’s trained crew. Relax with onboard massage and spa therapists, diving instructors and personal trainers.


Your Y.CO charter broker can ensure you get the best tables at the Riviera’s most exclusive restaurants, best beach clubs and VIP nightspots.

Highlights of the French and Italian Riviera to see on your yacht charter


St Tropez

Still the Riviera’s most exclusive party venue, St Tropez is a hedonist’s dream. Party all day at Nikki Beach, be seen at Club 55, and dance all night at VIP Room.


Famed as the location for the world’s most glamourous film festival, Cannes offers fine food and attractive company. Europe’s finest brands sparkle a few streets from the Croisette, from Fouquet’s to Fabergé.

Îles De Lérins

These subtropical car-free island retreats are the Cote d’Azur’s best anchorage for diving.


F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway turned the Cap d’Antibes into Europe’s most hedonistic stretch of coast. Today the town encapsulates the laid-back pavement-cafe lifestyle of the Riviera.


Monaco is the byword for glamour, Monaco gaming and the world’s greatest Grand Prix. Hedonists, racing fans and epicureans descend on the world’s chicest city-state for good reason. It boasts more bars, cars and Michelin stars per square metre than anywhere else on earth.


The pastel-hued harbour of Portofino may be a byword for glamour began its heady heyday during the 1960s, when Sophia Loren, Frank Sinatra and Brigitte Bardot graced this former fishing village with a touch of the la dolce vita. Don’t miss Bellinis at the Hotel Splendido.

Cinque Terre

The five pretty villages of Cinque Terre tumble into the sea to form a unique UNESCO world heritage site. Cycle the surrounding vineyards, discover hiking trails or see the protected marine park.


Yachts available in the French & Italian Riviera this summer:

66m OKTO (rate – from 500,000EUR p/w)

OKTO Main Deck Seating

OKTO Sundeck

OKTO Owner's Suite

OKTO Main Salon Dining

OKTO Upper Deck Cinema Salon

56m PANTHALASSA (rate – from 225,000EUR p/w)





Panthalassa Master

Panthalassa Salon

44m JEMS (rate – from 160,000EUR p/w)




JEMS MainSalon

JEMS Sundeck

JEMS Upper Lounge

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