Hotel Alimounda Mare - Five Stars in Karpathos, Greece

Hotel Alimounda Mare - Five Stars in Karpathos, Greece

We stayed in Hotel Alimounda Mare on Greek island of Karpathos in Aegean Sea. Karpathos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese chain and lies between Rhodes and Crete. Hotel Alimounda Mare is newly built luxurious 5-star hotel with 244 guestrooms and suites located right on the beach of Aegean Sea, ten minute walking distance to town Pigadia, Karpathos capital. Hotel is located 15 km (30 minute drive) from the airport. Rooms are spacious and nice with comfortable bed, warm atmosphere, modern and simple design. The cleanliness of the rooms is very good. TV is hidden behind the mirror so you can watch it through the mirror. Big balconies are fantastic feature; the view from the balcony to Aegean Sea is spectacular.

Karpathos, Alimounda Mare, Room

Infinity pool and sandy beach are beautiful. Sun loungers, parasols and beach towels on the hotel's pool deck and beach are free of charge.

Karpathos, Alimounda Mare, Infinity Pool

The beach is consisted of sand and stones so we recommend wearing swimming shoes. We rather went swimming app. 100 meters from the hotel because there were no stones in the water.

Karpathos, Alimounda Mare, Hotel Beach

Breakfast was perfect; a huge selection of salami, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and omelets made fresh on request. Dinner was delicious especially on Greek night where you could taste Greek specialities like moussaka, gyros, tzatziki, souvlaki, Greek salad, feta cheese.

Karpathos, Alimounda Mare, Dinner Selection

All these dishes are served also in many restaurants and typical Greek taverns in Pigadia, Karpathos capital. While visiting Greece you have to try delicious Greek cuisine as much as you can with main ingredients like olive oil, vegetables, herbs, fish, various meats, cheese, eggplant and yogurt.

Pigadia, Karpathos Capital


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