10 Things to See in Sardinia

Written by Clarice Subiaco

If you love luxury travel and exclusive locations, Sardinia is certainly an excellent destination. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, this enchanting Island is rich in history, extraordinary beaches, excellent food and much more.

To help you cope with all these beauties, here is a brief list of the 10 must-see places in Sardinia.  

  1. Cala Mariolu: this beautiful bay looks like a tropical beach because of its little white pebbles. You can reach the bay by land thanks to an easy path and also via sea with a little motorboat or sail boat.
  2. Tiscali Village: Tiscali is the name of an ancient village in the municipality of Oliena and Doragli, near Mount Tiscali. This archaeological site is one of the most enchant place in Italy: the ruins of the village cover the rock the rock face of the mountain from which you can admire the whole Lanaittu valley.
  3. Cala Goloritzé: south to Orosei Gulf there is a surprising beautiful bay originated from a landslide in 1962. The landslide also originated a peak 143 meters high.  On the right side of the bay there is a huge natural arch.
  4.  Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park: This enchanted and unspoiled National park is mostly loved for its crystal waters and white sand beaches. Among the places that worth to be visited: Caprera, Santo Stefano, Budelli, Spargi, Razzoli and Santa Maria.
  5.  Chia: crystal water and hidden rocky bays. Here is what makes this place so unique. Among pink flamingos, dunes and beaches, the Chia bay is located in the Angeli Gulf. In this beautiful place Cala Cipolla undoubtedly is worth of mention.
  6.  Su Gorrupo: if one of the deepest Canyon in Europe, it is 500 meters high and 4 meters wide. To reach it is necessary a 3 hours walk through the trail Sedda ar Baccas.
  7.  Stintino: This is one of the most popular place in Sardinia, but maybe you did not know that originally this places was used to host 45 families who were forced to leave the Asinara Island back in 1885.  Today is a destination much loved by tourists thanks to La Pelosa beach one of the most appreciated beaches of the Island.
  8. Costa Smeralda: mostly known for hosting many V.I.Ps during summertime, we must admit that the value of this place is surely immense. Little enchanting beaches and unique islands will make you hold your breath.
  9.  Litoranea Bosa street: this street that relies Bosa to Alghero, walks along the seaside and allows to have a breathtaking view on the sea and the little bays from above.
  10.  Barbagia: is the heart of Sardinia. Here there are no white sand beaches, but only rocks. This mountainous area is worth a visit because of its evocative lunar landscape.

How to reach Sardinia?

By ferry: http://www.traghettiper-sardegna.it/

By plane: Sardinia has 4 airports:


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