Luxury Getaway in Argentario Mount and Giglio Island

Written by Clarice Subiaco

Tuscany is not only Florence and Divine Comedy. It also host a series of incredibly beautiful little Island that worth being discovered.

For an unforgettable romantic getaway we suggest a tour of the Argentario Mount and Giglio Island.

About Argentario Mount. This is not actually an Island since it is relied to the mainland by three spits of land which form two lagoons, the Laguna di Ponente on the west side and the Laguna di Levante on the east side of the middle dam. The two main villages are Porto Santo Stefano on the north and Porto Ercole on the south. Here there are two beautiful beaches that worth be visited: Giannella and Feniglia. The promontory also hosts many little bays that can be reached by feet, just be sure to be well equipped with water shoes and water.

After a couple of days in Argentario, you can reach Giglio Island by ferry from Porto Santo Stefano for a romantic escapade. Giglio, i san enchanting little Island in the province of Grosseto. Here is a brief list of the must-see places in Giglio:

Giglio Porto, is a little borough of Giglio Island. The crystal water, even in the port zone, will make you understand the quality of the sea in this Island. The ancient watch tower, the little colourful shops and the bars with terrance on the sea, will welcome you in this enchanting Island.

Giglio Castello, is named for the sake of its Castle located at the top of the Island. The Castle has a typical middle-age structure, with several watch towers and ramparts directly overlooks the sea and the surrounding panorama.

Giglio Campese. From the road that leads to the bay of Campese you can already spot the beauty of the area. Life around Campese is entirely focussed on the sea: all houses, restaurants and bar are directly located on the seaside.

Last but not least: do not forget to see the beautiful shores of il Campese, le Cannelle, le Caldane e l'Arenella.


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