Mercedes Benz Museum... History of the Mercedes Benz Brand

Mercedes Benz Museum... History of the Mercedes Benz Brand

The Mercedes Benz Museum is located in Stuttgart, province Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Mercedes Benz is a German automobile manufacturer. The brand is used for luxury automobiles, buses, coaches and trucks. The Mercedes Benz Museum documents almost 130 years of auto industry history of the Mercedes Benz brand and presents over 160 vehicles. When you arrive in the museum you are transported by lift to the top floor of the museum where the visitors can go back in the year 1886. Museum is designed in a way that you can spirally descend from the top floor to the ground going through the entire history of Mercedes Benz from beginning to the present days. Daimler and Maybach developed a compact gasoline engine in 1885 and installed it into a carriage in 1886 – thereby creating the first four wheeled automobile.

Mercedes-Benz Museum, First Four Wheeled Automobile

Mercedes-Benz Museum 

Mercedes-Benz Museum Germany 

Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart 

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Princess Diana’s Red Mercedes-Benz and Popemobil 

 Mercedes-Benz Museum, Mercedes-Benz Sport Edition

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Mercedes-Benz Future Concept 

For all fans of the famous automobile brand Mercedes Benz a visit of Mercedes Benz Museum is a must see since it presents the complete history of this prestigious brand. Due to the high number of visitors we recommend entering the museum in the morning. The museum is opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. Day ticket for an adult is 8 EUR (9 USD).


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